Best Wired Bone Conduction Headphones

What is bone conduction headphone?

Bone conduction headphone has different mechanism than that of regular headphone. In regular headphone sound waves first enter your outer ear then middle ear and then the inner ear while in bone conduction headphone sound waves are transferred into vibration that reaches inner ear directly. These Headphones get attached to your head bone or cheek bone, leaving your ear free, allowing you to hear ambient noises.

These headphones are very convenient for deaf or the person suffering from hearing impairments, it works like hearing aid. But it works for conducting hearing loss only, it does not work for the one suffering from sensorineural hearing loss.

You can wear waterproof bone conduction headphone if you want to enjoy your favorite music underwater.

You can work out wearing these headphones without the fear of earphones slipping off.

One of the fact is that bone conduction headphone does not provide higher quality music but they are not bad either.

The two best wired bone conduction headphones are:

  1. AfterShokz Trekz Air bone conduction headphone
  2. Panasonic open air bone conduction headphone

. AfterShokz Trekz Air Bone Conduction Headphone:

AfterShokz is a company that got both wireless and wired bone conduction headphones. It is U-shaped, you can easily wrap it around your neck. It does not cover your ears, vibrations are sent through cheekbones to the inner ear. It has premium Pitch technology which provides high quality audio and Leak Slayer to avoid sound leakage. Microphone is available to make and take phone calls. The Air is the thinner version of Titanium, it is lighter and a lot more supple then the previous version. It uses Bluetooth v4.2 technology.

You can pair your headphones with your phone (it supports iOs and Android) , laptop, computer, TV or any other electric device to listen to your favorite music. Control buttons are present to play, skip and pause. You can activate hands free feature from a single button on the outside of the left ear pod. Two smooth rectangles are present on the either side of AfterShokz Trekz Air, one to hold the battery and other to hold internal circuits, antenna and buttons.

Battery life of Air for music and calls is 6 hours. It is sweat proof, perfect for working out but they are not suitable for swimming.

Air is available in three different colors which are:

  1. Forest green
  2. Midnight blue
  3. Slate grey

Panasonic RP-HGS10 Open Air Bone Conduction Headphone:

Panasonic RP-HGS10 uses bone conduction technology to transfer sound waves in the form of vibrations to cochlea directly through cheek bones. It is lightweight and comfortable, perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use. You can wear it while driving, without any fear because it does not cover your ears, so you’re free to hear car horns, traffic and other sounds. Also, you can enjoy your favorite music while jogging, resting and working out. These headphones are water resistant so you can enjoy quality audio streams underwater.

Panasonic RP-HGS10 is available in three different colors which are:

  1. Green
  2. White
  3. Pink

It has soft corner cushions and tangle-resistant cord which makes it easier to use. Moreover, it as reflection sheet for safety.

Best Gift Ideas for Wife

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ICC Champion Trophy

All 3 teams have beaten one another previously, and it’s the only pool in which there isn’t any weak side. You may now get notified before your favourite team’s match. The 12 teams getting involved in the Play-In Stage are split into three unique pools dependent on the previous couple of years of competitive results internationally. There’ll be three matches played by every team and both teams having most points at the conclusion of the round will be provided entry into the primary draw.
India is among the most prosperous countries when it has to do with men’s field hockey. India and Australia will initiate the tournament as favourites together with the hosts England who have come a very long way in the shorter formats of the game in past few years. Though it’s not very normal for people of India to get involved in the sport, it has a big fan following. So team India need to think a whole lot before the world cup next calendar year. Apart from the one change, it could also have a look at Axar Patel. Match Overview India is the defending champion and they’re going to try their very best to defend the title but it’s not so easy because the other teams are in full form and they have the capability to defeat the Indian team.
Tickets can be purchased from the ICC Cricket site. They are from time to time difficult to find in the past couple of days leading to the tournament. When you find the ticket or set of tickets you want, you are able to make your purchase.
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